Reading List: The Time Machine

One of the great books of all time. It is not only fun and covers a fascinating topic, but it is jam-packed with symbolism.

Spoiler alert – but I am sure you do know what it is all about – The Traveler goes forward into the future (802,701 AD) and encounters the descendants of the human species, the Morlocks and the Eloi. You have seen the movies. You know what they say, that a movie is like an iceberg - only the top is visible. It is like that with this book as well.


The Time Machine by H.G.Wells

Upon arriving in the future and meeting the Eloi, who live in what would seem to us as paradise at the first glance, The Traveler first thinks that he found an ideal society, but this is soon proven to be far from true. Not to spoil it any further, in case someone is not familiar with the story at all - in which case - you need to get familiar ASAP. This is one of the earliest, if not the earliest Time Travel story and it left a huge impact on the genre.

What's really good about the book is symbolism and the ultimate message - If we become too weak and only concerned about our own pleasure, we will become irrelevant as a species. It can be argued that Eloi represent the rich in today’s society.

On the other hand, if we return too far back to our most primitive impulses, and care only our most primitive desires, dire future awaits us indeed, future deprived of any higher form of existence, in other words - back to the caves we go.

The book is arguing that the undoing of the human species will not come through any external factors but through us, through our ways. The divides that we create between ourselves and taking ideas to their absolute extremes will be our undoing. And theoretically one can see it happen. Luckily, we still have time to make it better.

It is ok to care about our own lives and try to be care free and less stressful, but when we see an injustice being done, we should try and do something about it. Balance in all things, my friends. These are the musings I got from reading this wonderful book and if you read it, I am pretty sure your brain will get a kick out of it as well.

Do not sacrifice the good for the perfect

I bought this candy because of this stamp - made without animal-based gelatin. Yet I confess that I do eat meat. So, why did this matter to me?

European Vegetarian Union

Am I simply a hypocrite in this manner? Did I simply want to briefly feel good? This all is very much possible.

Let us indulge in a bit of reflection. The fact that this mattered to me at that point in time indicates that when given a choice between two same things, but one is a bit "morally better", means that I could be a bit more likely to pick the better one, given that basically nothing changes for me. When the choice is more likely to "hurt" me, I am obviously not prepared to make it, as I still do eat meat.

You might possibly notice the similar tendency in yourself to buy free-range eggs, for example. But the point is, this little incident got me thinking about the concept of sacrificing the good for the perfect - and the perfect may never come.

I do feel that my tiny gesture multiplied many thousands of times can possibly make a difference. In short, just because you do not go all the way in regard to some idea, that does not mean that going part of the way will not push things ever so slightly in the right direction. Just because we cannot single-handedly save the world, that doesn't mean we should not do anything about it.

Off to enjoy the candy.

A Reminder: Never, Ever Stop Thinking

Reminder to self and to anyone else within reach of humanity's global communication network - we are equipped with a tool that made all this possible.

Never, ever stop thinking.

Brain image by sinisamaric1 / Pixabay. Words added by Entangled Life. Point inspired by all who say that religion stops the conversation – Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet, Sam Harris.

Our branch in the vast family tree of species has been equipped with perhaps the greatest adaptation to arise in our common descent. The evolutionary pressure for our ancestors' survival in the cruel environments of the past has given rise to our intelligence.
Our intelligence has given us so much. It has ensured the survival of our species ... At least for a while.

It has enabled us to explore every corner of our world and to launch ourselves and our creations beyond the atmosphere and into space. Whatever we achieved, we owe it to our intelligence.

We should always think. Think about everything. Love, live, eternity, space, science, art, poetry, philosophy. There is so much to think about.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to try to always keep this process running in our own minds. If we want to really be kind to ourselves, we will use this potential that we have. We need to remain vigilant enough to notice when we are being seduced by ideas that prevent us from reaching our potential. And when something is technically beyond our expertise or understanding, we should be careful enough to recognize credible sources. This is how we move forward. We owe this to ourselves and the rest of humanity.

Entangled Life: Best Instagram Posts–First Half of 2017

Entangled Life is on Instagram since beginning of this year. Here are the best post so far. If you are on Instagram be sure to follow, because when inspiration strikes, it is highly likely that something will be published there first, simply because I might feel that it’s too small a thought to warrant a full blog post. You’ll notice that some have very few likes. This is because at the beginning you don’t have so many followers, but they are still included because I feel they are essentially good. The posts are in chronological order, which means they will be posted in the order they were posted on Instagram, so you’ll be able to see that the account does get more popular.

Below each each post is a small comment about it. Also, while I’m here I want to tank some of the people who are following since the beginning.

So, here we go:

What can an #atheist do to improve the World? Generally, this is our goal. #atheism #agnostic #agnosticism #humanist

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Comment: Ah, the horrors of trying to generalize. But I feel that even generalization is better that the “NOT ALL __” proclamation which really only stops the conversation. Choosing this quote was an attempt of trying to explain why do atheists post things they post.

Bertrand Russell is surely one of the people who I admire, so there’ll be some quotes from this extraordinary man. Here is his thought about how it really doesn’t make sense for god to be offended when somebody simply uses the “tools” he gave them.


Do Not Be Afraid Of The Future

People have always been afraid of change. Here and now is not perfect, but it is stable. It is reliable. It is dependable. The future may seem strange and unknown and scary and it might include things that make you uncomfortable, it might include things you personally do not like. But please try to see past that and try to have faith in humanity.

Do not be afraid of the future

The fact is that the World is now better than before. Generally speaking, there are fewer childhood deaths than before, there are ...fewer deaths from preventable diseases, we as a species are more sensitive to problems of minorities, we are more concerned about animals, we are more socially aware and sensitive to injustice. This progress was not easy to make, it was painful, but we did it.

We now turn to the needs of our planet which needs our help, we turn to address problems of people that are not able to live in their homes, we turn to eradicating remaining preventable diseases, we turn to the problems of less fortunate, we turn to try to give even more rights and justice to people who love each other and want the ability to continue to do so. We turn to continue increasing happiness on a global scale.

These are all worthy causes. This should be our future. Do not be afraid.

Why Invest In Science?

Whenever you see a post about something amazing science has done, or some big investment in science, there’s always somebody with a comment “that will end all wars”, or “yeah, looking at other galaxies is really useful”. Yes, many times these are nothing more than trolls, people desperate for some attention. But many times, people really, really think these things and will flame until the end of time because of it. Also, sometimes people will like in agreement while thinking only short-term and not realizing what investment in science actually means. In this day and age where we get bombarded with a hue amount of misinformation, it’s all too easy to quickly agree and continue scrolling.

This is an attempt to quickly answer the question “- Why should we invest in science?

No Science? No Music on the Go for You!

Take the very fact you are on Facebook or the very fact that you are looking at your phone right now. Well, it is because of Quantum Theory! Without quantum mechanics there would be no computers because the most important building block of a computer would not exist – the transistor. In short, the semiconductors development is based on a foundation of quantum mechanics. To quote Wikipedia:

The modern understanding of the properties of a semiconductor relies on quantum physics to explain the movement of charge carriers …

… Developments in quantum physics in turn allowed the development of the transistor in 1947 and the integrated circuit in 1958.

Wikipedia: Semiconductor

The process did not go: “we need some sort of machine which will do calculation for us” and then Quantum Mechanics was discovered – exactly the opposite thing happened. Scientists more-or-less went where their curiosity took them. They were concerned with nature of light, photoelectric effect, radiation, etc. These kind of scientific experiments led to scientists formulating the Quantum Theory. After that, the insights into the World given to humanity by Quantum Theory gave scientists knowledge and ideas to design components of modern electronic devices, laser, transistor, etc. And it all started with exploration of something humanity did not know at the time.

Same purpose applies today. The investment in exploration of something we don't know today will solve all kinds of real problems tomorrow. Not only that, but such endeavors inspire generations of people to go into field of Science and to continue exploring and inventing. This effect then goes into positive feedback–loop – even more scientists are influenced by those who came before them. And all of this can only mean good news for a country or countries that invest in science, since they get to lead the world in the technological advancement.

The previous argument was mostly focused on the utility of science – but there is another very powerful argument. We should invest in science because it answers questions about the world. Science illuminates the cave, looks into unknown and drags the truth out in the open, for all to see. This means – science even gives us the tools and power to decide things that are a matter of ethics – science informs us, so that we have the facts before making an important ethical decision. Science helps ordinary people understand the big themes – space, time, the World and our place in it.

Science makes the World a better place. That is it.

Debunking Conspiracy Theories – Chemtrails – Pt. 1 - What are they really?

There are two distinct schools of thought when it comes to crazy conspiracy theories. First school of thought basically says that they should not be even discussed because it gives crazy, deluded or simply hopelessly ignorant people a platform to stand on, brings them into the mainstream and validates them. In other words, this school of thought feels that the very act of talking about these theories, somehow hints that we should take them seriously.

Other school of thought basically believes that humanity needs to really actively work to get rid of the World o these unrealistic, crazy and simply put, bad ideas. It believes that if people talk about these problems long enough and simply present evidence to the contrary, conspiracy theorists will start abandoning these silly beliefs because they will now have a better explanation. Regarding the first school of thought they feel that it’s a justified risk.

Without wasting time on too much introduction, the existence of this post basically means that, after much thinking, we’re gonna give second school of thought an advantage. It simply seems that the world is in such a bad shape that some things really need to be not only disproven, but that we should strive for this to reach as many people as possible, because if science and reason don’t, ultimately there is a risk that the conspiracy theorists will. Of course, people are capable of thinking for themselves, but if they are constantly exposed to one thing, and the rebuttal is nowhere to be found …

So, we’ll start with one that’s particularly annoying: Chemtrails. This is a big topic and we can cover a lot of ground, so, we’ll for the sake of being clear enough and not bore people split it into few posts. Sorry for the long introduction, BTW, it’s just that if you’re a member of the first school of thought – that we shouldn’t give them a platform, you might want to consider switching to the second school of thought.

Chemtrails? What?

A high-flying jet's engines leaving a condensation trail (contrail)

Image by Adrian Pingstone No machine-readable author provided. No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims)., Public Domain, Link

This is an image of the condensation trail left behind by a jet’s engines. The claim that these trails that airplanes leave in the sky (if they are long lasting) are actually chemicals which are being sprayed for well, unknown purposes. The craziness often includes such claims as fighting global warming, attempts to reduce the size of the population, the idea that the US military wants to use the weather in future wars, psychological manipulation … etc.