Entangled Life: Best Instagram Posts–First Half of 2017

Entangled Life is on Instagram since beginning of this year. Here are the best post so far. If you are on Instagram be sure to follow, because when inspiration strikes, it is highly likely that something will be published there first, simply because I might feel that it’s too small a thought to warrant a full blog post. You’ll notice that some have very few likes. This is because at the beginning you don’t have so many followers, but they are still included because I feel they are essentially good. The posts are in chronological order, which means they will be posted in the order they were posted on Instagram, so you’ll be able to see that the account does get more popular.

Below each each post is a small comment about it. Also, while I’m here I want to tank some of the people who are following since the beginning.

So, here we go:

What can an #atheist do to improve the World? Generally, this is our goal. #atheism #agnostic #agnosticism #humanist

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Comment: Ah, the horrors of trying to generalize. But I feel that even generalization is better that the “NOT ALL __” proclamation which really only stops the conversation. Choosing this quote was an attempt of trying to explain why do atheists post things they post.

Bertrand Russell is surely one of the people who I admire, so there’ll be some quotes from this extraordinary man. Here is his thought about how it really doesn’t make sense for god to be offended when somebody simply uses the “tools” he gave them.

The image says it all. If the premise is that God can influence the world, then science should be able to detect that influence. So far, zippo.

If God punishes us for exercising our free will he gave us, then he’s less moral than humans. You might say, you cannot apply human standards to god, but if even humans can be objectively better than god who is supposed to be all good, then what is he doing?

If you are good only because a book tells you to, or because you are afraid to burn in hell, are you really, really good? Atheist is, on the other hand definitely good because she wants to be good.

Exactly. If you don’t really believe that god created world in 6 days, then do you really, really have a reason to believe that a carpenter rose from the dead?

Time to let go of the guilt?

Bertrand Russell again. This guy was really profound. So much truth is so few words.

No religion has produced anything even close to a scientifically proven evidence. Only one piece of evidence is all is needed to completely destroy Atheism.

An image which includes the most important points of the post published here on the site. For a longer version of these thoughts, go here.

Poetry is truly something that the power both to elevate you to great heights and move you to tears. When you didn't like it in high school, you were wrong.

Indeed. Morality predates religion and can even be explained through natural means. We evolved to be kind to one another. This can be explained through being good to people in your group increases your chances of survival. This behaviour then misfired to include altruism and selflessness. Not only that, but we evolved capacity for reason, which means we can use our brain to decide that we should care about others.

As you can see, this post was inspired by the US getting out of Paris Agreement. It is a very good example of things I was saying before - sometimes I will post a thought directly to Instagram.

This is an attempt to show to religious people that if they give up their imaginary friend, they didn't almost lose anything. They simply grew up and found inspiration in reality.

You can quickly dismiss any argument that does not bring evidence to the table. And what's more, by doing this you are not being dishonest, you simply value your time. This argument was inspired by Christopher Hitchens (look Up Hitchens' Razor) and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

There is plenty of inspiration in godless universe. For a quick shot of awe, simple look up!

I love to throw in random cool facts from science out there.

This is a dangerous age of unverified information. Confirmation Bias is running wild. It is simply too dangerous and irresponsible to trust anything which does not have rigorous process, safety checks and trials of Science. Horoscopes, magic beans, latest crazes in super foods, healing crystals, spiritual energy healing etc., are simply not good enough. Not for the people we care about. Not to mention the crazy conspiracy theories that anchor progress. Humanity should be better than believing in unproven nonsense. By all means think and look for the evidence yourself. But when it comes time to interpret things you don't perfectly understand, trusting science is the best possible option. #instagood #instalove #atheism #atheist #good #happy #science #reality #trust #humanism #humanist #secular #secularism #agnostic #agnosticism #atheistsofinstagram #bookstagram #sad #happy #love #spiritual

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Another quick summary of the full post you can find here.

It is not exactly honest to start from the premise that something must be false. This will only take you in one direction and this is not how you get to the real truth.

People have always been afraid of change. Here and now is not perfect, but it is stable. It is reliable. It is dependable. The future may seem strange and unknown and scary and it might include things that make you uncomfortable, it might include things you personally do not like. But please try to see past that and try to have faith in humanity. The fact is that the World is now better than before. Generally speaking, there are fewer childhood deaths than before, there are fewer deaths from preventable diseases, we as a species are more sensitive to problems of minorities, we are more concerned about animals, we are more socially aware and sensitive to injustice. This progress was not easy to make, it was painful, but we did it. We now turn to the needs of our planet which needs our help, we turn to address problems of people that are not able to live in their homes, we turn to eradicating remaining preventable diseases, we turn to the problems of less fortunate, we turn to try to give even more rights and justice to people who love each other and want the ability to continue to do so. We turn to continue increasing happiness on a global scale. These are all worthy causes. This should be our future. Do not be afraid. #atheist #atheism #altruism #genderequality #lgbt #instalove #instagood #happy #future #humanism #humanist #secular #secularism #sad #love #good #rambling #sunday #sundayvibes #thoughts #spiritual #spirituality #instahappy #love #science #book #goodwithoutgod #walloftext #weekend #Instadaily

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In this case, this post was published to Instagram first and then copied to the site. It was inspired by Star Trek and by the realization that the world we live in is not so bad, especially considering how far we have come.

Of course, unfortunately, some need to be killed, lest they kill innocent people first. If innocent people die, it is a moral duty to stop this. Defense is a matter of survival. But, still ... Can we dare to dream about the time when humans will be advanced enough not to go to war? This would mean conquering our violent impulses toward one another, this would mean practicing a dialogue. Even in this day and age, it seems humans are rational enough not to go to war. People can be against so-called globalization, but it does not seem wars will end without all humanity coming to a kind of agreement about how to solve problems between countries..It must be possible for humans to work together and still keep their identities. We must believe that we are capable of this. Yes, it might take an unbelievably long time, but as that quote says, every journey must begin by a single step. Today that step unfortunately means only fighting hard to keep safe what we already achieved and not allowing hate, bigotry and tribalism to return. We as individuals do have the power. We have the power to think and to vote reasonably. With enough people being reasonable, this is a force capable of changing the World, even by a tiny bit. #atheist #atheism #atheistsofinstagram #dreaming #quote #reading #book #bertrandrussell #quotestoliveby #instagood #humanism #humanist #secular #secularism #good #goodwithoutgod #nogod #nogodrequired #instalove #instadaily #happy #sad #peace #love #think #agnostic #bookstagram #atheismftw #read

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Sometimes, you do have to dream. Can we dare to dream about World Peace?

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